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GTX Muli-Seal Adhesive Sealant is a new VOC compliant adhesive sealant that will take the place of traditional polyurethane, giving the truck, trailer, RV and container industries a safer, quality adhesive/sealant. The fast curing GTX provides permanent elastic adhesion to a number of surfaces with excellent elasticity. GTX is designed to resist all the, on-the-road flexing, adhesion/sealing wear and tear, like polyurethanes. GTX is paintable in 30 minutes, sandable, non-yellowing, non-streaking, and solvent-free.


Alpha's water based adhesives enable companies to meet the stringent requirements of the latest Environmental Protection Acts and also give many applications advantages. All alpha's adhesives and sealants employ the most advanced technology.

Name Available Sizes Description Colour Elongation Max Gap Fill Tensile Strength Sore Hardness Service Temp Cure Time Temp Range Fixture Time (Min) Agency Approvals MSDS TDS
GTX Black 49390 310ml

Strong heavy duty multi purpose sealant. 

Black 320% 200 psi 40 N/A 24 Hours -35°C- 329°C 30 mins

ASTM D2240  ASTM D 412 Die C  ASTM D 412 Die C

GTX White 49391 310ml

Strong heavy duty multi purpose sealant.

White 320% 200 psi 40 N/A 24 Hours -30°C - 329°C 30 mins

ASTM D2240   ASTM D 412 Die C   ASTM D 412 Die C

ALPHA DP2246 310ml

Fast curing Structural & Marine

Black >600% 2mm-10mm 40-45 -30°C to +90°C 3mm per 24hrs N/A N/A


ALPHA 132 310ml

Structural & Marine

Black & White >400% 2-10mm 50 -30°C to +90°C 4mm per 24 hours N/A N/A


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